10 Hydrogel Injection Tips You Should Know

In the search for the perfect tush, hydrogel injections have gotten a lot of media coverage lately. Though some claim that hydrogel injections are the perfect quick, minimally-invasive solution for those lacking in the booty area, others warn that hydrogel isn’t the best choice for scoring a rounder rump. At best, it’s a temporary solution; at worst, hydrogel injections in your butt could lead to a rear that ends up looking saggier than before. These facts will help you separate truth from fiction and make the best choice you can for your own body.

1. It’s ridiculously expensive.

High-quality hydrogel costs around $500 per cc of gel. Most butt injections take at least 500 cc’s of material. That means that your average hydrogel butt job would cost upwards of $1 million.

2. Those who claim to do cheap hydrogel butt enhancements are unlikely to be certified or safe.

“Backdoor butt jobs” often use gels that aren’t safe for injection and result in unpredictable, inconsistent results, as well as infection, swelling, and other problems. Those who provide cheap butt lifts are operating illegally and unsafely, and you’re not likely to be happy with the results.

3. Hydrogel injections aren’t illegal.

Though many have been claiming this lately, hydrogel injections are FDA approved for cosmetic surgery–but they are typically used in facial procedures like lip or cheek injections. Juvederm© and Restylane© are a couple of the most popular options.

4. Hydrogel injections aren’t the same as fat transfer.

Fat transfer involves harvesting your own fat through liposuction, processing it, and reinjecting it into your buttocks to get the shape you want. Fat transfer procedures last longer and are typically received much better than gels, if only because they use cells from your own body; the risk of hematoma, swelling, and other problems is much lower. Hydrogels are synthetic compounds that your body may or may not respond to.

5. Anyone offering butt injections should be a board certified plastic surgeon.

Anyone who’s unwilling to provide their credentials is probably not qualified to perform the procedure safely, like this person (ABC News) who was arrested a few years ago. Ask critical questions and look for documentation, and if your provider can’t provide it, hit the high road–you don’t want to trust your booty’s looks to them.

6. You have other options.

There are far safer, more effective ways to build a better butt than don’t require injections or high-cost, risky procedures. A combination of diet and exercise and the use of butt enhancement pills and supplements is often all you need to get a perkier, curvier butt in a few months–no invasive procedures necessary.

7. Hydrogel usually only lasts about 18 months, at best.

Fat transfer last significantly longer and may even be permanent, but hydrogel injections are notoriously temporary (ask discussed on CosmeticSurgery.com), no matter where they’re administered.

8. Hydrogel butt injection kits can be incredibly dangerous.

Look up hydrogel butt injection kits online, and you’ll find options you can inject yourself–but those options contain questionable materials and results will be far less than reliable.

9. Butt creams are a smart alternative.

Butt creams, applied topically twice a day, work to plump up your body’s own fat cells rather than adding silicone or other injectables under the skin. It’ll take a few months to see results, but those results are permanent–and achieved safely. Butt creams also make your skin look healthier and firmer.

10. Butt pills sometimes work just as well, with little to no risk of complication.

Getting the booty you’ve always dreamed of is sometimes as simple as popping a pill. Butt enhancement supplements are totally safe and work by boosting your body’s estrogen levels, which causes fat retention in the butt and hip area, the places women naturally tend to retain more fat. That means a rounder, curvier butt with no needles needed!

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