5 Best Alternatives to Butt Injections

If you’re not well endowed with a perfectly curvy backside, you’re not alone–and you have options. While surgical options enjoy increasing popularity, there are plenty of alternatives to butt injections that are just as effective (really!) AND way less risky (Read the 10 Hilarious Reasons Not to Get Butt Injections). Deciding which strategies are perfect for you can be a hard decision, so here’s an overview of your options!

5-best-alternatives-to-butt-injectionsDiet and Exercise: The Ultimate Alternative to Butt Injections

You can’t go wrong with the oldest-school method out there. A combination of both diet and exercise can be an incredibly effective butt lifter, shaper, and enlarger. Targeted strength and cardio training focused on your legs and bum, coupled with a well-rounded diet, results in a well-rounded butt pretty much every time–regardless of genes. According to experts, focusing on hamstring and gluteal muscles is the secret to lifting and shaping your butt.

Throw these in three times a week.

  • Obviously, squats are a great option! Add weights or resistance bands to kick them up a notch!
  • Glute bridges like the one pictured above can really help.
  • If you’re bored with squats, run stairs!

Small Changes that Make A Big Booty

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make it a point to do this at least once a day, stairs are great to help you get a bigger butt.
  • When you need to bend to pick something up, bend at the knee – use that opportunity for a squat.
  • Sit up straight! Keeping your butt under you will help keep it lifted and round! Slouching is bad form.

Adding something as quick as a five-minute butt routine (like here on Cosmopolitan!) to your workout can pack a huge punch. Working your glutes enlarges your butt muscles for natural curviness and a thorough leg workout supports a rounded butt and makes your derriere look even better.

Speed Up Your Results by Supplementing

Take a pill and make your booty bigger? Is that even possible? It is when you add it to your routine. Athletes have been supplementing their workouts for years, why can’t you? Butt enhancement supplements (like the ones reviewed on ButtEnhancement.net) are a safe, natural alternative to injections and produce noticeable results in a few months.

Fitness model Ale Leo (@aleleo31) explains,

“don’t be afraid to supplement! I added@gluteboost to my routine to help keep my curves on point and love the results!”

These supplements work by boosting your estrogen levels, which causes women to retain more fat in the areas that nature intends for ladies to have more curves: their hips and buttocks. Most of the time, the estrogen boost is sparked by herbs like Dong Quai, Wild Yam, and Fenugreek. Other common ingredients include saw palmetto and maca root, both of which work with your unique body chemistry to make those muscles grow. Most of the time, you just need to take a butt enhancement pill once a day to see results.

butt enhancement cream as an alternative to injectionsWork from the Outside In, Too.

You’ve probably heard of butt enhancement creams. Skeptical? Do they really work?

They really are magic concoctions that can plump up your booty and make your skin look better than ever before. Though every butt enhancement cream is a bit different–and all claim to work better than others–they all work in essentially the same way: they have ingredients that plump up your fat cells and tone your skin for a firmer, rounder-looking tush than ever before.

By focusing on your butt’s skin health you also improve your butt’s overall look. Most creams should be applied twice a day and it takes several weeks to see results, but those results are typically permanent.

You can check out reviews of the top 10 butt enhancement creams at ButtEnhancement.net.

Waist Training

waist training for a bigger buttSometimes a trick of the eye is all you need to make your butt look nicer than ever. It’s why us women wear black when we want to look and feel thinner, use waist belts (like on BUMBoutique.com) to emphasize an hourglass shape, and embrace a deep plunging v-neck when we want to elongate our necks.

The same is true when you’re naked: a narrower waist sets off your hips and butt beautifully, making them look more voluptuous. A fitness routine that cinches the waist and creates more defined obliques creates the illusion of a rounder, perkier butt.

Temporary Shapewear

While the above options are permanent alternatives to butt enhancement injections, temporary butt shapewear provides immediate, dramatic results, perfect for special occasions when you need to round out your figure to flaunt your stuff in a cocktail dress or designer pair of jeans. You can review several different brands over at ButtEnhancement.net.

Shapewear includes everything from underwear with padding to provide an extra butt boost to shapewear designed to lift and shape what youv’e already got. Some padded shapewear is crafted from silicone, providing the most realistic-looking booty curves, while others are made from foam padding much like bra cups. It might take a few tries to find the perfect pair that fits comfortably and looks natural, but once you find the right fit, it’s perfect to slip into butt shapewear for a special outfit or every day while waiting for your other strategies–like workouts, creams, and/or supplements–to take effect.

Long story short? All of these alternatives are safer, cheaper, less invasive, and potentially just as effective as butt injections. The best part? Some of your alternatives like diet and exercise or butt creams actually have other impressive benefits, from better overall health to more beautiful skin. You can’t beat that!

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