Black Market Butt Injections Explained

According to CNN, 11,505 buttock augmentation procedures using fat grafting were performed last year.  Ever wonder how dangerous black market butt injections really are? Over the last few years, several women have died after allowing unlicensed practitioners to inject their butts with everything from concrete to tire filler. Others have been left with severe health problems like kidney failure. One woman was forced to have her legs amputated after a butt injection gone wrong. Here’s what the professionals have to say about black market butt injections–and what butt injection alternatives are available.

When Butt Injections Go Wrong

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When performed by an experienced, licensed plastic surgeon, Brazilian butt lifts use your own fat, not silicone. And they typically cost upwards of $7,000. The procedure’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and women have been looking for cheaper options.

The Risks of Black Market Butt Injections

Black market practitioners performing butt injections in basements and other odd locales. Scar tissue that hardens, debilitating chronic pain, and less-than-desirable results don’t seem to be enough to deter women from enlisting the help of illegal “butt doctors” to plump up their booties. Even more serious problems include kidney failure and pulmonary embolism, which has caused the death of some women who had butt injections performed on the black market.

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What are Black Market Butt Injections? 

Black market butt injections have become surprisingly popular over the past few years, along with the rise in women who want a butt to rival that of Kim Kardashian. Though some have been accused of injecting substances from concrete to tire sealant into women’s butts, the most common substance used is commercial-grade silicone.

Commercial Grade Silicone Safety Issues

There are a lot of problems with commercial grade silicone. First, it’s not safe to be injected into the human body. It was intended for manufacturing purposes, not surgery, and often reacts incredibly negatively with body tissues. That alone could lead to infection or more serious problems. Another issue with commercial silicone is that it’s “loose.” The only approved silicone for use in the human body is in the form of implants, where the silicone is actually encased in a “bubble” so it’s not free to travel to other parts of the body. The body often recognizes that loose silicone as a foreign object and starts working to fight it out.

Loose silicone can also work its way to other parts of your body. Patients report many things, ranging from severe joint paint to allergic reactions.

After hair stylist Apryl Brown had an unknown substance injected into her butt during a black market augmentation, she became violently ill and ended up in an emergency room with staph infections and hands and feet that had completely lost circulation. Doctors gave her less than a day to live. She did recover, but at the cost of her arms and legs, parts of which had to be amputated to save her life.

Butt Injection Alternatives

Many women who spend hundreds of dollars for dangerous black market butt augmentations just don’t realize that there are safe, effective options out there, no needles or surgeons necessary. Butt enhancement creams are one of the most popular options for scoring a curvier booty. They plump up fat cells over time, so you’ll see an overall boost and plumper, healthier skin after a few months.

Do Supplements Give You a Bigger Butt?

Supplements can also encourage your body to deposit more fats on your hips and butt, so you’ll plump up right where you want to without adding inches to your waist–or anywhere else. By combining the right products with a smart, targeted workout routine and a nourishing, healthy diet, you’ll get the curves you want and you’ll only have yourself to thank, not a plastic surgeon.


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