Your Questions About Butt Implants Surgery Answered

Thinking about getting a butt job? One of the procedures that comes to mind most quickly is butt implants surgery. If you’ve ever considered getting butt implants to score the look you want, here’s what you need to know about the procedure and its alternatives.

How do butt implants work?

butt injections

Butt implants are performed by a board certified plastic surgeon while you’re under general anesthesia. During the surgery, implants are placed in your butt to add lift and perkiness. Some implants are placed on top of the butt muscles, under the layer of skin and fat; others are placed between butt muscles, a trickier process that helps hold implants in place for longer to prevent sagging. Today, implants are made from solid silicone, rather the gel silicone implants that became notorious for rupturing and leaking silicone into the body.

What is recovery from butt implant surgery like?

It’s a long process. After receiving a butt implant, patients are advised not to actually sit on their new booty for 2-4 weeks–long enough to allow their body to heal and swelling to dissipate. Sometimes drainage tubes and special dressings are required to make sure fluid doesn’t accumulate around the implants. If there aren’t any complications, those who get butt implants can usually go back to normal work and physical activity 6 weeks after the surgery.

What are the risks?

As with any surgery, butt implants surgery comes with a risk of bacterial infection. And because you’re placing a foreign substance into your body, you risk having negative reactions to the implants themselves, though today’s silicone implants and water-based implants are considered very safe. There’s also always the risk that you won’t be happy with results, and sometimes implants shift over time, resulting in an asymmetrical look that leaves people wishing they had their pre-surgery booty back.

Are there alternatives?

If butt implants don’t sound like your cup of tea, there are definitely other options. Don’t underestimate the power of working out. Whether you’re active or not, you can add cardio and strength exercises that target your butt; in just a few weeks, you could see a stunning difference i the shape of your derriere.

Butt creams help your fat cells plump up and make your butt look larger and firmer, and you’ll see results in a few months after using consistently twice each day. Butt creams also serve to make your skin look better than ever. The only problem with creams is that they need to be applied twice a day, and some people find that inconvenient or time-consuming.


You could also try butt enhancement pills, which help your body retain more fat in your butt and hip area by boosting your body’s estrogen levels. Butt enhancement supplements are a natural alternative with little to no risk and contain natural herbal ingredients like fenugreek and wild yam. The best part? These alternatives also yield permanent results and can make a huge difference–definitely an economical and effective alternative to surgery.

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