Fat Transfers vs. Butt Injections

What are butt injections?

Butt injections can either mean Hydrogel injections (. Upon application, the solution works as a filler to round out the bottom and allow you to show off a curvier figure. The effects of butt injections can last for about eighteen months.

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What is Fat Transfers?

fat transfer and injection markupsThe Brazilian Butt-lift, otherwise known as fat transfer to the gluteal region, is designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. The technique utilizes minimal incisions and allows for a fairly fast recovery and return to normal activity.

Fat transfer is a technique that is several decades old but has only within the last years, become fairly standardized and routine. The idea behind the fat transfer is for the surgeon to harvest fat from one region of the body and then transfer it to another region. The fat that is transferred then “takes” as a graft.

Things to Know about Fat Transfers

did you know about butt injections

Fat grafting utilizes your own fat cells. This procedure is called the Brazilian butt lift. Fat grafting has several benefits over hydrogel injections.

  • PROAn alternative to dangerous hydrogel injections.
  • PROMore customization options.
  • PROTrim fat from an unwanted area.
  • PROThe results are more natural, lasting up to 3 years.
  • CONFat can be easily rejected, losing almost all of the results.
  • CONSome fat cells can die, creating lop-sided results.
  • CONYou’re cutting two places, increasing chances of infection.
  • CONThe procedure is very expensive.
  • CONResults are not guaranteed, and you can be deformed.

Fat transfer to the face, breast, hands, and buttocks to add volume and fullness and restore a youthful and vigorous appearance.

What Options are There for Butt Augmentation?

Should I Get a Fat Transfer?

Fat transfers are usually most successful when you’re in overall good health, are a non-smoker, and

  • Improve facial contour and provide facial rejuvenation
  • Provide natural breast augmentation without butt injections
  • Lift and shape the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift, Thong Life, Butt Aug)
  • Correct congenital or trauma defects
  • Enhance outcomes of breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  • Breast augmentation in conjunction with butt injections
  • Add fullness to hands for a more youthful appearance.

Should I Get Butt Injections?

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As you age, everything starts to sag, and this includes the buttocks. You can Diet all you want, or go to the gym, but sadly, sagging is the price of aging and a lot of you are dreading this.

Buttock injections are one of the solutions for it, but it is very expensive to have, not to mention the recovery period is long, so if you are undergoing this; you would have to take some time off from work which may be an inconvenience.

How Are Butt Injections Done?

Butt Injections ExplainedThe procedure should always be done in a professional medical clinic.  The area should be sterile to prevent contamination leading to infection. That is why you should ask a lot of questions before subjecting yourself to this procedure.

It’s really important that you don’t fall victim to “back-alley” butt injections. In the U.S., Hydrogel injections are NOT legal, so be aware of what exactly the physician is claiming about their injections.

HEADS UP! Someone may claim “I’m different, I’m clean!” but the truth is, they likely don’t know (due to lack of training) how to protect your body.

How Long do They Take?

The procedure itself will take around 2 hours to complete, this will also depend on the amount of the solution used to enhance the buttocks. If you will undergo this procedure you should have a healthy body and not taking any medications that will counter the effects or cause greater harm when it is performed.

HEADS UP! The risks of an improperly performed butt injection procedure can not ONLY make your butt deformed, they can kill you. Educate yourself before you make this decision.

A small cut is created in your skin, this is where they’ll insert the tube for the injections (called a cannula). This instrument channels the injected solution to the muscles beneath the skin.

What to Expect with the Butt Injection Procedure

One treatment area is usually injected several times. When done correctly, massages to the area are given a few times so that the fillers would spread evenly to form the right shape. Compression bandages are then cloaked around the treatment area to help you heal.

You can expect to experience some moderate pain and discomfort during butt injections. Recovery time depends on how well the treatment is done, but usually doesn’t take long. Unevenness in the buttocks is another usual side effect, meaning you may look a little lop-sided. This can be temporary, or permanent.

If you opt for surgery, don’t cut corners for cost. This procedure is very dangerous, delicate, and can really hurt you. Be smart about your choices.

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