Is Surgical Butt Augmentation Safe?

butt-augmentation-surgeryThere’s an element of danger whenever you go under a knife or injection that will always be there; but what is there to really worry about? Well, I have to start by saying as loud and clear as possible, there are better and safer ways to get a bigger butt.

How can you tell if something is right for you and what are the risks? Right off the bat we’re going to rule out the unmentionable, hydrogel butt injections. They simply are not safe and aren’t a good option to consider in this day and age as seen here.

Instead, We’ll look at the 2 different butt augmentation options you have should you wish to go this way to improve your butt’s shape.

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Fat Augmentation Or Implants?

It’s a little difficult to separate the data out for this one considering a lot of people seem to get fat injections done from unlicensed practitioners.

It should go without saying that your health is worth much more than the money you save, but of course people are going to want a cheap way to get their perfect butt before the end of the weekend, even if it can be life threatening.

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Fat-based Injections involve having fat sucked out of a different part of your body and then localized to your butt. Or you can get hydrogel injections or silicone injections which basically means that liquid silicone is taking the place of your own fat.


The Risks of Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation

  • Blood Clot: Stroking, Death
  • Bruising, Scarring, Bleeding
  • Infection, Pain, Numbness to the Area
  • Abscess, Swelling, Dimpling
  • Mis-match (Different shape for each cheek)

At worst, you risk the site becoming infected and potentially opening yourself up to major injury or possibly even death. At best, the fat just becomes reabsorbed into your body and you won’t see the results.

Implants are a little safer if you find an extremely experienced professional, but you still run the risk of having an implant slide out of place or having some sort of a problem with the anesthesia, etc. On the plus side, implants are made of solid silicone so you don’t run the risk of having them rupture, and they’re meant to last a lifetime.

Finding the Right Doctor for Butt Augmentation

Having a safe and well-done surgery depends so much on the physician that you use for your procedures. The wrong doctor can cost you your butt, or worse, your life. The quality of your doctor combined with the quality of your health is essentially the quality of your procedure. There are a few things you can consider to help you choose the right plastic surgeon.


  • Certifications and Training: Those papers on your doctors walls aren’t just decoration; your plastic surgeon should not only be respected in the community but should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and should be well studied.
  • Experience: You want a surgeon that specializes in butt augmentation; it’s important that you don’t skimp on experience. A lot of plastic surgeons CAN perform this procedure, but they specialize in other procedures (like facial reconstruction). Make sure you’re choosing a surgeon that works day after day on this skill.
  • Patient Feedback and Referrals: Perhaps the most powerful of resources is the doctor’s patient history. Are there patients that specifically refer this doctor? Are they happy with their results? Are there reviews online? All of these are helpful in determining the quality of the physician that you’re working with.

The rate of deaths from poorly planned procedures is not exactly easy to determine, considering it’s clear a lot of the women who made these decisions were well aware of the risks. For example, we shouldn’t have to tell you that someone’s basement is not a licensed facility.

Look at doctors who only have a lot of reviews, and pay attention to how the women are treated both before and after their procedures. One big clue to look for is how well their questions are being answered, and whether or not people feel safe in the environment. This is your body and your life, and having a bigger butt isn’t worth sacrificing either of those things.

Your Health Both Before and After Your Procedure

You’ll need to be in good physical and psychological state should you choose to go through with the procedure. Your expectations and hopes for the surgery should be on par with reality, as this will not give you a perfect body or a different life. Your body heals best when you’re fit, eating well, and have a strong immune system. Some things you can do before a butt lift to help healing are:

  • Stop smoking and drinking 30 days prior to your procedure, do not continue until authorized by your physician.
  • Eat a clean balanced diet with no fried foods, sugary foods, or starches.
  • Use supplements to help balance your body’s natural hormones, blood sugars, etc.
  • Start a fitness regimen and workout 3-5x a week.

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This is merely meant to give your booty a boost so you can start wearing your skirts, pants and dresses with confidence. Your healing is partially based on your age, resiliency and overall methods for taking care of yourself. You may qualify to have a procedure, but if your recovery time is going to be longer than 6 weeks, then it’s probably not going to be worth it to you.

If you are in good health, you can expect it to be difficult to sit for longer than 15 minutes for the first two weeks, with about 1-2 more weeks of recovery. You should be up and walking by the next day. You can expect a scar from implants of around 2.5 inches or so.

Your blood pressure, strength and restorative properties of your body should be more than adequate before getting any sort of operation done. Your doctor will perform initial tests, but only you know what it’s like to recover from other major injuries.

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