10 Reasons Not to Get Butt Injections – LOL


Have you noticed how it suddenly seems like everyone is getting butt injections? It’s not too hard to understand why so many people are turning to the procedure: who wouldn’t want a bigger butt in no time flat? But, there are a lot of reasons to go the longer way with diet, exercise and supplements instead of getting butt injections:

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1. They HURT.

girl showing booty ready pain

During the procedure, you can get local anesthesia, but the pain shot itself is painful.

The soreness and pain after booty injections can make sitting down a test for up to three weeks. Bruising and discoloration are completely normal butt injection side effects, meaning you’re not going to the beach anytime soon, either.

2. They may disappear on you.

cartoon character gif disappearing injections

When you get butt injections, the fat can be reabsorbed, meaning that the tissue will ultimately wind up in a different spot than where you had it injected.

That means you fork over the cash, go through the discomfort of the procedure and still wind up with a flat butt after all that.


3. No one knows what the long term effects will be.

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Butt injections are relatively new. There haven’t been any long term studies on their effects on your body over time.

Some experts worry that your body could reject them over time, leading to health problems down the road.

4. Some providers are sketchy.

blonde lady looking shady at butt injection risks

Ever see ads or social media posts about butt injections that cost $100 to $200? Walk away.

These cheap injections are probably being performed illegally. There is no FDA approved gel butt injection available in the U.S. The only legal butt injection procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which uses fat transplanted from another place in your body.

5. Hydrogel is scary stuff.

hydrogel injections are scary johnny depp

Hydrogel butt injections involve injecting liquid silicone into your booty.

Several people who have had these injections have died as a result of these procedures. Even if someone says that they are licensed, they are lying, since there is no license for this procedure.

6. You don’t know for sure what you’re getting.

risks of butt injections

As scary as Hydrogel injections are, there is a lot out there that is worse. A Miami nurse who was doing illegal injections was shooting super glue and Fix a Flat (the stuff for your TIRES) into her clients’ butts.

7. Butt injections are expensive.

monkey throwing money for butt injections

Legal, FDA-approved procedures can cost you $5000 or more. And, while they are considered a long-term solution, they are not considered 100% permanent. You can get a lot of gym memberships, healthy food, flattering clothes and helpful supplements for $5K.

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8. You may not have enough fat for the procedure.

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Do your friends affectionately call you a skinny bitch? You may not have enough fat in your belly and thighs to do the transplant. Proper booty injections involve doing liposuction in one area so you can inject the fat cells in another. If you just don’t have enough there, you won’t be able to get the big booty effects that you want.

9. You can also wind up with too much of a good thing.

guy pain booty gel

Reviews of butt injection procedures reveal one scary possible issue: some doctors go overboard and inject more of the removed fat than their patients wanted. While a big booty is a blessing, winding up with more than you wanted can be upsetting. If you do go for a butt injection, review your doctor’s other work very carefully. While the fat injections can migrate and get smaller over time, do you want to take a chance on a botched procedure?

10. There are better ways to get a bigger butt.

whats it mean booty

You know how you can always tell who’s had their boobs done? Butt injections will never look quite as good as what you grow yourself. With the right diet, ample exercise and the right clothes, you can grow a better booty than you could ever buy.

You know how the saying goes: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While the appeal of an instant fix is alluring, you’re better off loving what you’ve got and doing what you can to enhance it naturally.

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