Surgery vs. Supplements: The Best Way to Get a Bigger Butt

Surgery or supplements? Both obviously claim to help you get a bigger butt, but you may ask yourself who in the world would go through surgery if they could just take a pill? We want to share some of the pros and cons to consider for both choices.

The Benefits of Supplements for a Bigger Butt

SupplementsIf you go the supplement route, you’ll build up your butt over time, so everything will look natural. Those you know will just think that your workouts are amazingly effective and admire your dedication.

The results (at least the ones pictured on the before and after photos on most supplement websites) are also pretty remarkable — easily as good as surgery.


Safety and Convenience, Be Aware of What Goes Into Your Body

A pill is simple and painless to take, and just means that you need to set up a regular schedule so you don’t miss a dose.

The ingredients are typically all natural, so at least you’re not doing any harm to your body. In fact, high quality butt enhancement supplements (like Gluteboost) have a whole host of other health benefits like balancing out hormones, improving reproductive health, and detoxifying the body.

Cost and Value, What You Spend and What You Get

Supplements are generally safe and much more cost effective than surgeries. Surgeries can cost thousands of dollars and will entail many follow up appointments, and sometimes even corrections where-as supplements will be more like hundreds of dollars and there’s no recovery time.

Challenges with Using Supplements for a Bigger Butt

Supplements, while generally safe and effective can take months to try; you’re also taking the risk that it may not work for you. While any reputable supplement company will offer you a money back guarantee in the event that you don’t get a bigger butt, it takes some time to learn whether or not it’s going to work.

Likewise, if you pick a company that you don’t talk to first, or if you pick a company that’s just popped up on the market and has no credibility, you run the risk of losing that money.

Benefits of Butt Enhancement Surgery


According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons report in 2013, there were 10,000 butt enhancement surgeries in the US alone. It’s becoming more accessible to everyone from the girl next door to the next big celeb and people aren’t shy about their quest to grow their butt.

Timeliness and Impulsivity of Butt Enhancement Surgery

Surgery is definitely a much more immediate course of action, even though with swelling it may still take up to a few months to see the truly desired effects.

You have the option of either getting implants (silicone inserted like a breast implant) or fat augmentation, which basically suctions the fat off a section of your body and injects it back into the butt.

The biggest people reason choose butt enhancement surgery over butt enhancement pills is because it takes significantly less time to achieve the results that you’re after assuming your procedure goes on without any complications.

Less Work, More Change

Even though the changes and results don’t look as natural, they’re obtained without having to commit a lot of time and energy into changing the body. When you go the natural way, you have to be committed to your results and it does take a little elbow grease, with surgery it’s much easier and takes less physical work for you.

Challenges of Choosing Surgery Over Pills

Even though surgery seemingly takes less “work”, it’s definitely got it’s draw backs. Anytime you’re going under the knife, there’s a lot of extra challenges worth considering.

Is Buttock Augmentation a Safe Way to Get a Bigger Butt?

Even the simplest of surgeries come with a whole host of risks associated with them (including death!), and that’s not something to take lightly.

The horror stories are plentiful when it comes to butt enhancement surgeries gone wrong.

If you have a private doctor then you’re likely in safer hands, but it’s still a somewhat extreme choice for a bigger butt. Butt enhancement surgery isn’t nearly as popular or widely accepted as breast implants, so there’s also a certain social stigma too (I know, life is entirely unfair.)

Do Butt Implants Look Real?

Before and after photos can make surgery look extremely appealing, but it’s also possible for implants to move after the operation causing a two very different looking sides (cheeks) which won’t be very attractive to you or those around you and in most cases, you can tell they’re implants.

Should I Get Surgery for a Bigger Butt, Or Use Pills?

Deciding which option is best for you is admittedly difficult; after-all, there are pros and cons to each side.

As with any big decision, we encourage you to take the time to weigh the risks to the rewards, and decide based on that. Which risks are you ok with, and which ones do you want to avoid?

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll still have some work ahead of you in terms of maintaining. Your muscles will still need to be toned, which requires proper exercise.

You’ll need to stay realistic for either choice, since nothing will rarely ever be that ‘miracle’ you’re looking for. Both of these options simply aim to help you feel more confident about your body and yourself.


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