The Dangers of Hydrogel Injections

Are you thinking about getting hydrogel injections? Wait! Before you do anything else, you need to read this page. While you already know about some of the great benefits that are possible with butt injections, you might not realize the very real risks of hydrogel injections. Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to get the facts.

More importantly, you might not realize there are safer, more affordable options for getting a bigger butt that won’t put your life at risk. So, just how dangerous are hydrogel injections and butt implants? Just take a look at a few recent stories that have made headline news:

What Makes Hydrogel Injections So Dangerous?

The most important thing to realize is that butt augmentation is a significant medical procedure, and like all procedures, it comes with its fair share of risks. There are many different types of butt injections (fat injections, hydrogel injections, PMMA injections, silicone injections, and bootleg/black market injections). Sometimes, you don’t even know what you’re being injected with, making the risks of butt injections very real and very serious.

Each type of butt injection has its own unique set of risks associated with it, but the main risks of hydrogel injections are:

  • Blood Clots, Kidney Failure, Nerve Damage
  • Respiratory Issues, Allergic Reactions
  • Scarring, Inflammation, Infection

The list could go on and on. The fact is that regardless of the type of butt injection and whether you’re getting the procedure done in a high-end clinic or in the back of some windowless van, there are serious risks that come with these procedures. People have died from buttocks injections gone wrong, and others have had to get amputations and other serious treatments to care for the damage from the dangerous procedures.

Apryl Michelle Brown, Who ultimately lost her limbs.

Layer-19Teased by her family and friends about her flat “pancake” booty, Apryl Michelle Brown had always been insecure about her backside. Once she got enough money, she told herself, she’d buy herself a better one. “I didn’t know if I wanted to look like Janet Jackson or J. Lo,” the Los Angeles cosmetologist, 46, says in an exclusive interview featured in the November issue of ESSENCE magazine. “I just wanted a new, bigger booty.”



How to Get a Bigger Butt the Safe and Natural WayA bigger butt can make you feel sexier and more confident in the way you look. Thankfully, there are safe, natural ways to increase your butt size without putting your health and well-being at risk.

The Safe Way to Get a Bigger Butt

Nutrition – Did you know that what you eat plays a huge role in determining the shape of your butt? It’s true. A proper diet will help you get a bigger butt more quickly. It’s important to make sure you’re eating the right amount of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables. And you have to be consistent with your diet. Every day, you need to be feeding your hips and butt with the right foods.

Exercise – Your butt is made up of 3 primary muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. If you want these muscles to grow, you have to work them out. That means you need to focus on doing exercises that target your butt. Exercises like squats, lunges, kickbacks, and step-ups are great for increasing your butt size. You can also check out this Brazilian Butt workout video.

Natural supplements – All-natural butt enhancement supplements packed with powerful ingredients, like Maca Root, Dong Quai, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Soy, Rose Hips, and Femu Greek, can help you get a bigger butt safely and quickly. Taking all-natural butt enhancement pills and butt enhancement cream on a regular basis is a smart way to increase your butt size.


put your health at risk with dangerous butt injections. Instead, maintain a proper diet, exercise regularly, and take a safe, all-natural butt enhancement supplement (like Gluteboost) to get the best results possible!

Learn the truth about butt injections.

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