Thinking Butt Injections? Think Again.

The quest for a bigger butt lands somewhere between the fountain of youth and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to seemingly unattainable things. And while the latter two may remain forever out of reach, technology has put the former — the shapely butt of your dreams — within radiant reach. And you don’t even need an injection to see results thanks to the latest safe, effective and natural butt enhancement pills and booty creams. Let’s take a closer look at why these products come out on top when it comes to helping you get a bigger butt.

The 411 on Butt Injections

You’ve probably heard of butt injections. But you’ve probably also heard of the horror stories that often accompany this butt-boosting technique. Why are butt injections so dangerous? For one simple reason: all surgery comes with risk. While an injection may seem like no big deal to you, any doctor would tell you something different about butt injection procedures.

Many patients assume that butt lifts and fat transfer techniques are the quickest way to a bigger butt, but the truth is there’s some extra time involved which they fail to factor in. To begin with, many doctors require medical clearance prior to all operative requirements — some up to two week! A doctor may even require that you get a physical before clearing you for butt surgery. And once you’re cleared, there are all kinds of requirements and restrictions — such as quitting smoking for a full month prior to surgery, refraining from aspirin for a week before surgery, and fasting the night before and day of your butt injections.

And then there’s the recovery time. Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t just walk out of your doctor’s office with a bigger butt following a Brazilian butt lift or other butt enhancement surgery. First, there’s bed rest. Then, there’s no driving or even sitting directly on your butt for several weeks! Have limited time at work? Then butt injections are definitely not for you!

Rethinking the whole butt injection thing? We haven’t even gotten to the potential complications yet. While the outcome of any butt injection procedure largely depends on the skill of the surgeon, even the best doctors warn against surgical complications. Swelling, bruising, stretch marks and fat embolism are just a few of the less desirable outcomes linked with butt injections.

Now let’s talk cost. We’re talking thousands of dollars. While a bigger, perkier butt may in fact be priceless, why max out your credit cards when there’s a simpler and effective way?

Enter Butt Enhancement Products

Yes, you can eat, squat and fake your way to a bigger butt, but this takes a lot of time and effort, and — especially in the case of butt enlarging garments — leads to a less-than-natural look. Plus, as you may have already discovered, these methods can work, but only moderately so.

If you’re looking for a more noticeable yet natural non-surgical boost, it is possible through body enhancement pills and booty creams from Gluteboost. Not only are they safer than injections, but they work. How? Through a powerful, three-step approach that targets not one, not two, but three mechanisms through which butt enhancement occurs.

The first curve-enhancing ingredient?  Estrogen boosters, which deliver curves exactly where you want them. The best part? Naturally occurring in wild yams, don quai, and saw palmetto, estrogen boosters deliver curves exactly where you need them with no fears about introducing artificial toxins to your body.

Gluteboost’s one-of-a-kind formula also includes maca root and soy extract, which work together at the cellular level to maximize but strength and size.

The final part of Gluteboost’s three-part formula? A combination of protein sources and vitamins which help purify toxins, prevent bloating, and shed water weight from “trouble” areas like your tummy and arms. In other words, not only will your butt get bigger when you take Gluteboost, but your other parts will get smaller!

For even greater results, use alongside Gluteboost’s miraculous Gluteboost Cream which accelerates fat cell growth while simultaneously hydrating and smoothing your skin.

And not only do these butt enhancement products start working immediately with no downtime, they’re safer and less costly than surgical alternatives.

If the search for a bigger butt has you thinking injections and surgery are the only way, think again. The fabulous butt you want is just a pill and cream away. You can thank us later.

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