Your Guide to Buttocks Fat Transfer

In search of a rounder, perkier butt? Often, when diet, exercise, creams, and supplements don’t work, women turn to buttocks fat transfer techniques to get the look they want. Fat transfer is the process of transferring fat from one area of your body–usually through liposuction or a similar procedure–and injecting it somewhere else to shape and contour the body.

Buttocks Fat Transfer Overview

  Fat transfers, also called Brazilian butt lifts, are one of the more extreme options for butt enhancement and shaping. This procedure is a surgery that requires general anesthesia or IV sedation and a few weeks of recovery, many of which you’ll spend not sitting down. The benefits? Results are quick and dramatic. And because the fat injected into your buttocks has to come from somewhere, that means you’ll also be able to slim down other problem areas at the same time. A tummy tuck and butt lift are often performed in conjunction for a noticeable makeover. Because fat is re-injected into hundreds of different spots, surgeons can fine tune exactly where they want those fat stores to end up for a carefully-designed, custom look.

Things to Consider Before Committing to Butt Surgery

Before you call your cosmetic surgeon to schedule a consultation, there are a few things you’ll want to know. Buttocks fat transfers are quick and results are dramatic, but recovery takes several weeks, and the results aren’t always permanent. The procedure is also pricey, often costing ten to fifteen thousand dollars or more, depending on the experience of the cosmetic surgeon. You’ll also need to have enough excess fat elsewhere on your body, because only a percentage of the fat removed during liposuction will be able to be reused and injected; only specific fat cells perform well after re-injection in another part of the body.

One plastic surgeon reports that he only reuses about 25% of the fat removed via liposuction.

Major Alternatives to Fat Transfer for a Rounder Booty

Butt Implants

Before fat transfer caught on, the top method of butt enhancement or augmentation was placing silicone implants, much like breast implants, behind butt tissue. Butt implants come with a longer recovery time and sometimes less-natural-looking results, and because butt implants involve putting something foreign (in this case, silicone) into your body, the risk of infection and other complication goes up. Fat transfer, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, often allows for more fine-tuned results with fewer risks.

Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Other non-surgical methods can also yield impressive results, including diet and an exercise routine that really targets the glutes and thighs. Finding workouts to help get that bubble butt look is easy and free.

Check out Pop Pilates’ Bubble Butt Workout or these simple moves from for fun, effective moves that’ll make a big difference if you stick to them.

Butt Enhancement Pills and Butt Enhancement Cream


Butt enhancement pills work with your body’s chemistry to cause your body to retain more fat in targeted areas: your butt and hips. It’s as easy as popping a pill along with your multivitamin once a day, and you can usually see results in a few months. Creams are also an effective option. Because they contain compounds that actually cause fat cells to plump up, they can cause your butt to become plumper and rounder and firm your skin at the same time. Most creams should be applied twice a day, and you’ll usually see results in a few months, as well. Both of these options are far safer, less expensive, and easier than surgery, and often they’re all you need to get the results you want without going under the knife.

No matter what you decide about your butt enhancement options, it’s smart to get other opinions and experiences and talk to experts before you get started. It’s also wise to start with surgery alternatives before turning to surgery to get your dream butt. Exercise, supplements, and creams are low-cost options that keep you operating at your peak while working toward the results you want.

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